About Us

I have been in photography and designing custom graphics for 30+ years. I started by drawing graphics out with pen or pencil on paper and as I got to learn more about computers in the late 90's, I started learning how to draw with basic programs. In 2015 I got a certification in Graphic Design and started using Adobe Illustrator. 

I was always happy to create a logo for anyone who asked and  would just give them away. In 2018, I finally decided to step it up a notch and get a cutting plotter and a heat press and make a business out of it.

I live in Southern Arizona with my husband, grown kids that are in and out, several dogs and a horse. My husband has worked in underground and surface mines for  drilling companys all over the country. There wasn't much for apparel geared towards core drillers so I decided to create my own.

We are also a Jeeping family so I created some fun shirts and decals for Jeep enthusiasts.

Rodeo has been a big part of our life for 30+ years. You will find some items for that as well, and I cannot forget the crazy life with my Belgian Malinois and the decals I have available there.

All of the driller and miner graphics on my site were created by me and you will only find here or on my Etsy shop "DrillersLife".