Brand Protection

BlueDog Graphic Design LLC’s Driller to the Core™ line takes the protection of its brand very seriously and hopes that my customers know that anything carrying my trademark is protected. I own several registered and unregistered trademark rights and none of these trademark rights can be used without my consent.

BlueDog Graphic Design LLC takes infringements of its trademark rights very seriously and will take legal action against those responsible for copying and selling any part of the Driller to the Core™ line.

If you see Driller to the Core™ items being sold from anyone other than BlueDog Graphic Design LLC they are counterfeit and are not legally allowed to be sold.

If you buy any items from the Driller to the Core™ line that are not directly being sold by BlueDog Graphic Design LLC then you are supporting counterfeiters who are trying to make money from my hard

If you see any items from Driller to the Core™ that are not being sold by me please email